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"We are born and raised in the Life Science industry which means that GMP is deep in our DNA and mindset."

Aptio Group ApS is a Danish based Consulting and Engineering company specialized in the pharma, biotech and medical device industries.

Our Mission

Aptio Group Denmark ApS is an innovative Danish pharma and engineering consultancy within Life Science. At Aptio Group, we strive to provide high quality services for our clients within the pharma, biotech and medical device industries. 

The team at Aptio Group consists of highly experienced consultants and engineers. They focus on providing the best pharmaceutical consultancy and services to our customers in Denmark and Europe. 

Our core business is pharma and engineering services within a broad range of disciplines. This includes: quality & compliance services, pharma engineering services, biotech and medical device services and project management.

We cover all phases of the product lifecycle.  Everything from product and manufacturing development, through project execution to manufacturing and optimization. Hence, we offer both CAPEX project services and OPEX manufacturing services for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Danish engineering consultancy in pharma industry

Our Key Figures



Consultants in 2020


Consultants in 2021



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Projects in 2021

Since 2018 Aptio Group has grown exponentially in the pharmaceutical industry. We have summarized our performance over the years, providing our our aspirations and concrete initiatives, key numbers and results. Check out our facts, keys numbers and annual sustainability report.

Our History

Aptio Group ApS is a Danish consulting and engineering company within the pharmaceutical industry. The company was founded in 2018 by Dan Juncker and Lars Olsen, who both have 30+ years of track record in the Life Science and pharmaceutical industry from various positions and companies e.g. Biogen and Novo Nordisk.

Today we are more than 100 skilled pharma consultants and engineers engaged in projects and manufacturing environments for our customers within in pharma, biotech and medical devices.

Originally Aptio Group ApS was part of the leading consulting group, SIGMA in Sweden. It is owned by Danir Group consisting of 80 operating subsidiaries, with more than 8000 employees in 16 countries.

Today Aptio Group ApS is no longer part of SIGMA but powered directly by Danir Group. We are proud to leverage other complementary competences from/to Danir Group business units globally.

Aptio Group ApS has a parent company in Sweden called “Aptio Group  Sweden AB” located in Malmö with similar pharmaceutical services.

Aptio Group Highlights

Since Aptio Group was founded in 2018, we have reached many milestones through continuous and consistent achievements. 

Here are some highlights of our journey since 2018 and all we have achieved since.

Thank you for your continuous support.


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Danish engineering consultancy in pharma industry

Change for the future

Do you want to know our take on sustainability? Please check out our sustainability report.

Danish engineering consultancy in pharma industry

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