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Do your company need consultants for engineering services? Today we are more than 100 consultants engaged in projects and manufacturing environments for our customers in the pharma industry. Our consultants are ready to provide your business with the pharma and engineering services your looking for. 

Aptio Group Denmark ApS provides highly qualified engineering services tailored to pharma within all the relevant technical disciplines involved in establishment and revamp of manufacturing facilities in the pharma and biotech industry. Our team of extremely skilled engineers and specialists strive to provide the most suitable and cost-efficient solutions supported by agile, applied innovation. 

So what is engineering services? Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items. Our engineers hold a wide range of technical disciplines through a broad professional network and partnership model.

So when hiring Aptio Groups consultants for engineering services, we work cross-functionally handling tasks in all pharma disciplines and we promise to work tenaciously to solve the problems for your business, regardless of the size or level of complexity. Most of our consultants have +15 years of experience from the pharmaceutical and Life Science industry.

Our skilled consultants and engineers are ready to help you within a wide selection of disciplines including:

      • Active Products, Fill/Finish
      • Assembly & Pack
      • Mechanical, Automation
      • Electrical/Instrumentation
      • HVAC/Cleanroom
      • Concept brief
      • Basic design and detailed design
      • Construction and test
      • Process qualification
      • Engineering Management
      • Project Management
      • Procurement and Project Planning

If your company need consultants for engineering and pharma related services, whether short or long term, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Our experienced consultants and engineers provide high quality services tailored to pharma. 

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About Aptio Group

Aptio Group Denmark ApS is a Danish pharmaceutical and engineering consultancy within the Life Science industry. We are dedicated to support and manage projects in all pharma areas. At Aptio group, our engineers and consultants provide highly qualified consulting and engineering services within Quality and Compliance, Engineering, Project Management, biotech and Medical Device services to the pharma industry. We employ specialized Life Science engineers and consultants working with the largest pharma, biotech and medical device companies in Denmark and EU.

Our office is placed in Hillerød, but our consultants are primarily working at customer facilities in Denmark and EU.