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Aptio Group Denmark consists of extremely skilled and diverse engineers and experts in all ages specialised in the pharmaceutical and Life Science industry. Our consultants are based all around Denmark and Europe, where they contribute to solving a number of specific engineering tasks and creating visible results within Pharma and Life Science. We cover stages of Pharma Engineering, Medical Device and Biotech services.

Our team is steadily growing concurrently with the ongoing demand of our engineering services.  We are proud to have brought together a talented group, that works every day to make the Aptio experience better.

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Vice President 
Manufacturing Science & Tech Transfer

Vice President 
Engineering I

Vice President
Engineering II

Vice President 
Quality & Compliance 

Vice President
Medical Device & COO


"We've got big, ambitious goals and we know that means our people need a lot of support"

CEO & President 

Managing Partner

Business Support Director

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