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Aptio Group History & Mission

Aptio Group History

Aptio Group was founded in Malmö in 2017 by a group of colleagues and friends that shared the same vision of how a real consulting company should look like. The vision that they all shared were a transparent company that resolves customers challenges with a collegial engagement. 

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Our Services

Aptio Group focuses on helping companies with the execution, interpretation and advice of regulatory and / or industry-required processes. These processes can be found either in legal texts and / or in various standards. We work cross-functionally, where we handle issues within a company’s all different processes. We have a long and solid experience in, among other things, Life Science and the Automotive industry.

Career Side

Do you want to start a new chapter in your career? 

Our vision and the work we perform is increasingly appreciated by our employees and our clients and we are looking for you who wants to work within Quality, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at a consulting company with dynamic, entrepreneurial work environment and commitment where you become an important player in our team to develop and drive our company’s vision forward.

Case Stories

Below we have a variety of different case stories.  Our posts will take you around different topics within the pharma and engineering industry.

Click on a box to learn more about what projects within pharma engineering, we provide.


Serialization Test Lead

Client: Based in Helsingborg. Pharmaceutical company. Manufactures products for the…

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Client: Based in Malmö. Pharmaceutical companies with smoking cessation products.…

Quality Support

Client: Based in Stockholm. Company with products for digital health…

Validation Lead

Client: Based in Malmö. One of Europe's largest manufacturers of…

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