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Group President and CEO

Aptio Group

Ola Ejnarsson

Vice President
Region South Sweden

Sandra Larsson

Business Development Manager
Region South Sweden

Mikael Apitzsch

Regional Director
Region West Sweden

Ali Reza Kazemi

Aptio Group History & Mission

Aptio Group History

Aptio Group was founded in Malmö in 2017 by a group of colleagues and friends that shared the same vision of how a real consulting company should look like. The vision that they all shared were a transparent company that resolves customers challenges with a collegial engagement. A company that uses the combined competence of its employees to bring the best solutions to the customers. aptio group is also a company that involves its employees in the development of the company thru “employeeship” and servant leadership. 2018 the company established a subsidiary in Denmark. 2020 the company established a new office in Gothenburg.

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Aptio Group
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Our Services

Aptio Group focuses on helping companies with the execution, interpretation and advice of regulatory and / or industry-required processes. These processes can be found either in legal texts and / or in various standards. We work cross-functionally where we handle issues within a company’s all different processes. We have a long and solid experience in, among other things, Life Science and the Automotive industry.

Case Stories


Serialization Test Lead

Client: Based in Helsingborg. Pharmaceutical company. Manufactures products for the…

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Client: Based in Malmö. Pharmaceutical companies with smoking cessation products.…

Quality Support

Client: Based in Stockholm. Company with products for digital health…

Validation Lead

Client: Based in Malmö. One of Europe's largest manufacturers of…

Career Side

Aptio Group is a company that focuses on traditional consulting activities, offering services within for example, but not exclusively in, Pharma, Medtech and Automotive industries. We do not see ourselves as a company which offers contractors and temporary work force to the businesses, but a solution provider which finds the most suitable and cost-efficient way to address complex problems that our clients struggle with.

Our vision is to together create the most attractive and innovative business that offers services in the field of Quality and Compliance, both for your growth as an employee but also for growing our customers’ business. We believe that aptio group stands out from many other consulting companies through our way of collaborative delivery, the aptio way, the vision we have to empower our employees and encourage employee ship, and our attitude and willingness to help and support our colleagues to grow and advance. We believe that the aptio way of driving our business, also enables us to make our clients more competitive and increase their profitability.
We value our employees’ knowledge and experience and see our employees as our primary capital. Through a unique documented delivery model, we offer all our customers in each assignment, access to our entire company’s combined experience and knowledge…

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