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Our Social Responsibility

Aptio Group is proud to support vital research through important sponsorships, thus contributing in shaping a better future.


We are proud to be part of the fight for a world without multiple sclerosis (MS) by supporting Cykelnerven. In June 2022, 300 Danes will be cycling the crucial Tour de France climbs in the French Alps. It happens just a few weeks before the actual tour field, and they do it to raise money for the research into multiple sclerosis. We are proud and happy that our logo adorns the beautiful cycling clothing and thereby helps to ensure the vital research. 

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We support nationwide ADHD Association that aims to equip people with ADHD, so it is them and not the diagnosis that governs their choices in life.

The ADHD Association focuses on parent training, camps, lectures and networking groups that aim to create a free space among equals and thereby provide and find support for the challenges that exist in everyday life.

If you are interested in knowing more about the ADHD Association, visit


We are proud sponsors of Nodebo IS soccer team.

Nødebo IF football is in a positive development and the goal for 2022 is to have more Nodebo citizens to play football on the turf, girls, boys, young and old!

We are excited to take part in their journey and we look forward to seeing where they are heading!

If you want to know more about Nodebo IF, visit their homepage:

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Do you want to know our take on sustainability? Please check out our sustainability report.

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