Project Engineer

Project Engineer

Are you a passionate Project Engineer or consultant with a keen interest in manufacturing technology? Do you thrive working in capacity expansion projects in the pharma and biotech industry? If so, Aptio Group wants to meet you!

We offer you an opportunity to be part of establishing state of the art facilities for the manufacturing of life-changing pharmaceuticals. You will join a team of the best minds of the industry on a mission to bring the pharma hub in Greater Copenhagen to the next level.

Experience with CapEx projects is an advantage, but we encourage candidates with similar experience from other industries to apply too, as we are value new technology and know-how into our pool of competencies.

Your specific role and assignment in the projects will typically match your competencies and skill level – as well as your potential for development. Examples of assignments could be Equipment Owner, Test Coordinator, Vendor Supervisor or Assistant Project Manager.


  • Degree in Mechanical, Chemical or Industrial Engineering or equivalent
  • Relevant experience – preferably in projects or production support
  • Fluency in English
  • Familiarity with rules, regulations, best practices and performance standards in regulated industries such as pharma & biotech or food, veterinary or other related industries
  • Communication skills and attitude required to work in multidisciplinary teams and to represent the company towards customers and partners

Are you curious to know more, about the position or our consultancy specialized in the pharmaceutical industry, do not hesitate to contact us

All applications must be submitted in English and are treated confidential.

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Aptio Group consultancy is an agile & innovative Life Science Consulting Company with a keen focus on the pharmaceutical industry. We are built on a simple business model leading to efficient deliveries of our services within pharma, biotech, and medical device. Our experienced engineers are specialized Life Science consultants working with some of the biggest pharma and biotech companies in Denmark and the EU.

Our main headquarters is placed in Hillerød, Denmark but our consultants and engineers are working at customer facilities around Denmark and the EU.

Originally Aptio Group ApS was part of the leading consulting group, SIGMA in Sweden, founded in 2016, and then expanded to Denmark in late 2018. Today, we are no longer part SIGMA but powered directly by Danir Group.

Aptio Group’s success relies solely on our relations with our colleagues and clients. If you want to be a part of shaping the future of consultancy, then Aptio Group is the right place for you.


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