Driving Production Expansion

Driving Production Expansion: A Consultant's Journey in a State-of-the-Art Pharmaceutical Facility Project

This case story revolves around a project aimed at expanding the production capacity of Fujifilm’s site in Hillerød. The project focuses on transforming the facility into a cutting-edge production site capable of manufacturing various types of medicine. The objective is to create a state-of-the-art production environment equipped with advanced technology and processes. The overarching goal is to establish a highly efficient and versatile production facility capable of meeting increasing market demands. By expanding the production capacity, the project aims to enhance Fujifilm’s capabilities and competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry.

Role and Responsibilities:

Aptio assigned a consultant to be a part of the CQV buffer team, responsible for qualifying all new buffer hold and buffer preparation vessels. Aptio Group contributed significantly to the project by participating in Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) on vessels built in various European countries. Additionally, a key role has been played by Aptio Group in creating test protocols and ensuring compliance with safety measures. The involvement also includes equipment inspections and problem solving. The consultant initially connected and engaged with the CQV buffer team members during the various FAT’s conducted in Ireland, subsequently establishing relationships, and building a collaborative environment essential for project success.

Experience as a Consultant: Katarina Plaskett’s Lessons Learned and Personal Growth:

Joining as a consultant presented initial challenges, including sudden travel arrangements to Ireland. However, these hurdles were overcome with the support of great colleagues and adaption to the unique working styles and expectations of the multinational team. The opportunity to work in such a significant project and international environment is very rewarding, allowing consultants to learn from experienced professionals and contribute with their own expertise.

Throughout the project you gain valuable insights that expands your knowledge, enhances technical skills, deepens the understanding of commissioning and qualification processes, and exposes one to diverse international perspectives. The unpredictable nature of the job has fostered adaptability and continuous learning, enabling one to navigate various challenges.

Advice for Similar Projects:

Based on experience, Katarina recommends that future project teams receive cultural orientation and guidance on working effectively with individuals from different countries. Understanding and appreciating diverse working styles and cultural nuances can significantly enhance collaboration. Clear communication, adaptability, and continuous learning are essential. Leveraging individual strengths and seeking support when needed are key strategies for success. Maintaining a positive mindset and embracing the opportunity for personal and professional growth will contribute to achieving project goals.


Through the consultant’s involvement in the project, Fujifilm’s production facility is on track to enhance its capacity according to targets and become a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing site. The case story emphasizes the importance of building relationships, embracing cultural diversity, and adapting to changing circumstances. It highlights the value of clear communication, collaboration, and continuous learning in achieving project objectives. The consultant’s journey serves as an inspiration for others embarking on similar projects, offering practical advice and insights that can guide their path to success.

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