We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office located in Zug, Switzerland!

We are excited to announce that, due to our continuous growth and development over the last couple of years, we are expanding! In fact, we are opening a new office in Zug, Switzerland as of January 2023.

Over the last years we have experienced a great increase in project activities, which we are proud to announce has led to the expansion and opening of our new office in Zug.

Switzerland, being the biggest pharmaceutical market in Europe, experiences a continuous investment in new production capacity for pharma/biotech. Ranging from mega-projects such as Lonza Visp Ibex and Roche Solothurm, to revamps of clean rooms and production lines, the market for pharma engineering and consulting services will continue to hold massive potential for years to come.

The Swiss market is in many ways like the Danish market. With high continuous levels of CAPEX projects as well as several locally managed revamps and upgrades. Consultants are frequently used, and long-term staff augmentations are very common. Larger CAPEX projects are often executed by combined teams with several engineering providers and customer staff.

The opening of our new office will enable us to meet the growing needs of our clients, while still providing high-quality services and solutions we’re known to deliver.

Ensuring the quality of our services is of high priority, which is why we are proud to be able to move our VP Engineering Christian Cruz-Olesen to Zug to help establishing another flexible and agile company.