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Aptio Group Formal Mission

Aptio Group Mission

Aptio Group is the leading company that delivers highly qualified services to customers with regulatory or industry requirements. With deep industry experience, excellence and a unique delivery model with collegial engagement, the company increases the customers’ competitiveness.

Our vision is to create and maintain a transparent company that resolves customers challenges with a collegial engagement.

Our mission is to use the combined competence of our employees to bring the best solutions to ourcustomers. We are also a company that involve our employees in the development of the company through “employeeship” and servant leadership.

Key Figures

On this page we have summarized our performance over the years, key numbers and results. Check out our facts and key figures as well as our annual sustainability report below.

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Aptio Group Official History

Aptio Group History

Aptio Group was founded in Malmö in 2017 by a group of colleagues and friends that shared the same vision of how a real consulting company should look like. The vision that they all shared were a transparent company that resolves customers challenges with a collegial engagement. 

In 2018 a subsidiary was established in Denmark called “Aptio Group Denmark ApS” located in Hillerød with similar pharmaceutical services. In 2020 we established a new office in Gothenburg serving primarily the automotive industry. In late 2022 a new subsidiary was established in Switzerland called “Aptio Group Switzerland SA” located in Zug. 

Today we are more than 180 expert consultants and engineers working in projects for our customers within regulated industry.

Aptio Group AB is part of the Danir Group consisting of more than 80 operating subsidiaries and groups, with more than 12000 employees in 26 countries.

We are proud to leverage other complementary competences from/to Danir Group business units globally.

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