Open House at Aptio Group!

Open house at Aptio Group in Malmö!

A warm welcome to the open house at Aptio Group in Malmö. 

We want more colleagues to join our team in Malmö and want to recruit more talented employees.

We invite you to the Open House so that you can have a chance to meet up with us.

We are on site at our office in Hyllie at 15:00 – 18:00 on May 11th, Hyllie Boulevard 35, Malmö

We offer snacks and soft drinks.

There will be several representatives from Aptio Group on site and we are ready to answer questions, tell you about us, about how we work and also take an individual conversation with you if you want, so you get the chance to introduce yourself to us.

If you do not have the opportunity to come to our Open House, you are warmly welcome to book a meeting directly with Sandra or Mikael, or contact us via our website. Looking forward to hearing from you or seeing you on May 11th. 

Sandra Larsson, Vice President & Regional Director

+46 (0)702 599 441

Mikael Apitzsch, Business Development Manager 

+46 (0)705 747 702

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