A Case Study

Building a New Production Facility for Extempore Products: A Case Study

In this case study, we delve into the project aimed at building a new production facility for the sterile filling of extempore products at APL, a state-owned pharmaceutical company in Sweden. The extempore products cater to a small group of individuals who require a combination of approved pharmaceuticals. This article explores the purpose, goals, and experiences of a Validation Leader involved in the project, highlighting the importance of clear communication, collaboration, adaptability, and continuous learning.

The purpose of the project was to construct a new manufacturing site specifically dedicated to the sterile filling of extempore products. This facility would ensure the adequate supply of the required dosage or mixture of approved pharmaceuticals to the target group of patients, fulfilling APL’s obligation to provide necessary treatments.

The primary goal of the project was to obtain approval from the Swedish Medical Products Agency for the new manufacturing site. Compliance with stringent regulations and standards, such as Annex 1 EU GMP and ISO 14644, was crucial to ensure the quality and safety of the production environment.

Role and Responsibilities:

Aptio group assigned a Validation Leader, with the responsibility of overseeing the overall validation process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and the attainment of approved cleanrooms of grade B and workstations of grade A. Their expertise and experience played a vital role in ensuring the successful validation of the manufacturing site.

Having previously worked on projects at APL, the Validation Leader entered the project with a solid foundation and existing relationships with team members. Collaboration and communication were established through open channels, enabling effective information exchange, and building trust among stakeholders. The Validation Leader also sought input from colleagues at Aptio Group when faced with challenges, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, and seeking support when needed.

Experience as a Consultant: Richard Arvidsson

The initial challenge of joining a new project as a consultant often revolves around gaining the trust of the client. In this case, the Validation Leader utilized the expertise and insights gained from previous projects to establish credibility. Seeking advice and input from colleagues at Aptio Group contributed to problem-solving and ensured a successful start to the assignment.

Throughout the project, valuable lessons were learned, enhancing both personal and professional growth. The experience highlighted the importance of flexibility and not always adhering to a linear path to solutions. The Validation Leader recognized the need for adaptability, both in their approach and in the organizational context. Continuous learning and embracing diverse perspectives played a crucial role in the success of the project.

Advice for Similar Projects:

Based on the experience gained, practical advice for future projects includes seeking support within the organization or from experienced colleagues when faced with challenges. Clear communication, collaboration, and adaptability are essential for effective planning and execution. Leveraging strengths, maintaining a positive mindset, and embracing continuous learning contribute to successful outcomes in similar endeavors.


The construction of a new production facility for extempore products at APL serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering vital treatments to a specific patient group. The experiences of the Validation Leader highlight the importance of clear communication, collaboration, adaptability, and continuous learning in achieving project goals. By leveraging expertise and seeking support when needed, the Validation Leader contributed to the success of the project and provided valuable insights for future endeavors.

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