More advisors are needed at Aptio Group

A consultant is an expert advisor, a person who works as an advisory specialist in a specific area. We call ourselves consultants within Quality & Compliance and therefore have the requirement to be specialists in our area. To become a specialist, you must have experience from having worked in a certain area for several years and accumulated skills and lessons. 

It is also an advantage if you have been to different workplaces and faced different challenges in different organizations. Issues and situations may seem different depending on the surrounding circumstances. As a specialist, you must be able to adapt the solution to the questions posed based on given conditions. This requires experience. To become a consultant with us, you must have experience. 

Everyone in our team at Aptio Group has many years of experience. We aim for at least 10 years of experience, but most of us have more and more of us over 35 years of experience. Together, we have solid experience and cover a large area of expertise. We are active in regulated industries and help customers who are active in pharmaceuticals, medical technology, food and the automotive industry.

Hiring a consultant from Aptio Group will mean more than just hiring a specific consultant. Our consultants always have another colleague as the designated back-up and sparring partner. We as colleagues help each other so that you as a customer can take part in our overall competence, and so that you as a consultant will have the opportunity to solve the task in the best way. It is part of our employment at Aptio Group to be partly responsible for all our deliveries and to support our colleagues.

As a consultant with us, you will also be involved in the Aptio Quality Center (AQC). AQC offers large and small companies the opportunity to flexibly solve their quality-related tasks. AQC is the company’s personnel / competence reinforcement within QA and Compliance when the workload temporarily or permanently exceeds the number or competence of its own workforce.

When the business demands faster handling or when the staff is ill or in training, AQC can support and solve the quality department’s various tasks without expanding the staff. With experienced consultants who are already familiar with the customer’s working methods and methods, the company can call on both large and small tasks on the same day as the need arises or according to agreement. AQC is tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

This means that our customers, through a broader competence base than what an individual consultant can offer, really get the task done! Our services and our vision are increasingly appreciated. We are looking for more colleagues who have the opportunity and desire to become an expert advisor in our team.

Feel free to contact us if you are curious about what we can offer you as an employee or customer.

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