Aptio Quality Center

Aptio Quality Center (AQC) offers large and small companies the opportunity to flexibly manage their quality-related tasks.

AQC offers staff / competence reinforcement in quality assurance when the workload temporarily or permanently exceeds the capacity or competence of its own workforce. Aptio´’s consultants have extensive experience of various types of quality-related tasks with our national and international customers. Our consultants have extensive experience from large and small businesses, from research to development and production of finished products.

AQC is tailored to each customer’s unique needs. The response and handling time is adapted to each customer. If the customer so wishes, a number of hours can be included in the agreement, otherwise you only pay for the time you use. Tasks can be solved when they arise and with the right skills via a subscription with AQC. 

Customers are offered to choose which tasks they want to hand over to AQC. It can be anything from reviewing validation documents and releasing batches to reviewing SOPs and regulatory applications. The services can also include traditional consulting services such as consulting, validations / qualifications, audits, business analyzes, etc. Our staff works from our premises or on site at the customer and AQC undertakes to ensure that the consultant has the right skills for the task.

Within the framework of AQC, we can offer three schemes: Base, Premium and Extended, Within AQC Base and AQC Premium, you as a customer only pay for the consulting cost when the consultant performs the or the current task that has been agreed. Within AQC Extended, you leave AQC to handle ongoing tasks at a predetermined cost. Paying only for consultants when they directly perform a task or have a cost in advance for ongoing work in quality assurance often means a lower cost over time. 

When you subscribe to AQC, you get access to more than 500 years of combined experience from our quality specialists. These can perform various tasks on site at your premises or in our premises. The work can be performed as a traditional consulting service or within the framework of AQC.

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