Aptio Group at Medicon Village in Lund

Since the late summer of 2021, Aptio Group has also been on site in Lund at Medicon Village.

We have been working together with several customers in Lund for some time now and several of them are located at Medicon Village, so it feels natural  for us to also have office on site here.

Medicon Village is a science park – a cluster with a concentration of competencies where the resultant synergy enables companies to develop faster than if they were working by themselves. Medicon Village provide an open, innovation-rich environment that actively promotes wide-ranging cooperation between researchers and between large and small companies. The village can be seen as a factory for the future housing the whole chain from research through innovation to commercialisation.

Aptio Group assists companies with the execution, interpretation and advice of regulatory and / or industry-required processes. These processes can be found either in legal texts and / or in various standards. We work cross-functionally where we handle issues within a company’s various processes such as production, product development, research, testing and purchasing. We have a long and solid experience in the Life Science sector.

With great commitment, our quality consultants share their knowledge and experience with their customers and colleagues. They help and support each other in each assignment so that customers always have indirect access to more than one consultant’s skills and experience. At Aptio Group, we always take great responsibility to do our utmost to deliver more or as expected and if required, we have an entire organization that supports with the skills and guidance required.

Hiring a consultant from Aptio Group will mean more than just hiring a single consultant. Our consultants always have an additional consultant as a designated support and sparring partner. The consultant on site at the customer has the opportunity to get help from his sparring partner and other colleagues during the work, at no extra cost to the customer. This means that our customers get to enjoy a broader competence base than what an individual consultant can offer.

Aptio Group | Medicon Village


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