It´s going great now…

Yesterday, all employees in the southern region of Sweden met at our head office in Malmö.

We had some information about the entire Aptio Group’s offices, which customers we work with, what internal development projects we have to improve our services and what it looks like financially for the entire group. Then some nice socializing, food and drink.

In total, we currently have more than 100 colleagues in the group, and additional colleagues on their way in. In Sweden, we are working at the time of writing with almost 30 different customers and have interesting discussions with another handful of new customers.

Compared to last year at the same time, we have more than doubled our revenue and our result for the year looks to be five times as much as last year. We are growing at a steady pace.

We are very pleased that our customers appreciate our delivery and our way of working. We are very proud and happy about our fantastic employees who do a brilliant job. We want more colleagues who can join our journey, help us become even better and support our customers in Quality & Compliance. You are very welcome to contact us if you are curious about what we can offer you as a customer or employee.

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